How To Rent Your Wedding Gowns Wisely?

10 Temmuz 2020

If you think that, like most modern brides, "I don't want my wedding dress to get old in my closet. I'm going to travel to countries that I've never seen on my honeymoon with the money I'll give a wedding gown." we agree with you, you're right! For some, the wedding gown is a dress with great meanings, while for others it is important to keep up the magic of the wedding night and show itself in the photographs. These two types of brides are very right in their own sides and we welcome the adventurous brides who don’t want to keep their wedding gown!

DCEY rental wedding gowns start from €84. They are the designs of very special brands and have appeared the famous fashion shows in the world. Probably the wedding gown you have chosen is also in the wardrobe of many famous stars. DCEY’s these well-known wedding gowns are insured and sent to all cities of Turkey and whole the world. If you wish, you can come to the showroom and try DCEY's wedding dresses with the experienced stylists.

Why do you choose only one wedding dress? According to the wedding place you can rent more than one wedding gown. You can choose your save the date dress, after party dress, henna dress and your second wedding gown with the great experience of the DCEY team. Renting a wedding dress from DCEY is so cost-effective that you can rent separate clothes for countless different wedding events, but you can still be sure that it will be profitable. DCEY's models are at your disposal for these separate wedding events.

2019 Wedding Trends

Although the concepts of weddings and rentals are always close to a certain extent, thanks to DCEY, a new era begins. To sum up, quality, elegance, original designs and options for every budget, that's what DCEY promises you. Every bride is unique and deserves to see the latest fashion design wedding dress. Browsing the web to choose the right wedding dress is of course normal, but with DCEY it is possible to make your dream come true. Now, couples can find, rent and return the clothes for their wedding night without even leaving the house. In doing so, you can save time, headaches, stress, the road and a lot of money (because rental bridal gowns start at €84). The result is simple and beautiful. Brides can also use DCEY’s sales service to store and buy the wedding gowns they want to wear again. 

How Can You Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress?

DCEY online wedding dress rental service is different and special, but we can explain briefly the general features as follows.

You are free: Start browsing and continue; looking at a variety of options does not cost you a penny. And you've seen a lot of models that can inspire you.

Everyone is invited: Brides, bridesmaids, mothers, mother-in-law, and guests can benefit from an online evening dress service.

You will have a personal stylist: Wedding dress cuts are of course important, but from the perspective of a stylist it is easier to choose the most suitable wedding dress for yourself. Experts not only take your metrics and make typical customer service conversations, but they also help you find the outfit of your dreams.

The prices do not exceed your budget: You can rent wedding gowns starts from €84, you can wear these insured wedding dresses without stress on your wedding night and enjoy your big day.